Q: Where is lead found?

Older homes built before 1978 frequently have lead-based painted surfaces. As exterior painted surfaces deteriorate the soil below becomes contaminated.

Many homes built before 1978 used lead-based paints (LBP).  In general, the older your home, the more likely it has paints used contained lead as a component. The soil around a home often contains lead from sources like deteriorated exterior paint, past use of leaded gas in cars, or from past renovation activities.

Household dust picks lead up from deteriorating (LBS) from past renovation projects, or from soil tracked into a home. If you work with lead, you could bring lead dust into your home on your hands or clothing. It is important you shower and change clothes before entering your home.Tyvek full-body suits provide a reliable way to reduce lead dust carried on clothes. Launder your work clothes separately from the rest of your family's clothing.  To learn more about the sources of lead, visit https://www.epa.gov/lead/learn-about-lead#found.